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Into to Tom’s Sports and Fitness Blog

Hi everyone, welcome to my Sports and Fitness blog. My name is Tom, and I have been an athlete ever since I was a young boy, and growing up in Pittsburgh is very accommodating to that. Every day I would swim in the Three Rivers, and as I got older and stronger I eventually made it across. It took a lot of hard training, but I got the results I wanted. That’s why I made this blog, to help people get the results they want from workouts and sports. I am a workout fiend, possibly because I keep trying to find out where James Harrison is working out but also because I like the rush it give me. Other than just working out, I love to play basketball, football, and hockey.

I hope that I can answer any questions you guys have about sports and fitness. If there is any classes you would like me to take and report back to you on, then please leave a comment. If you guys would like to read what I have to say about an event in the sports world, then please leave a comment. Basically if you want to know anything that I haven’t covered, please leave a comment. Bye Bye.