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Weird Sports-Catfish Noodling

Hey guys, hope yinz are doing well. It is Tom back again with another post for my sports and fitness blog, this time talking about a water sport many of you probably have not heard of-Catfish Noodling. Now, I assume that most of you have gone fishing before yes? Well, catfish noodling is a type of fishing, but you don’t use a rod. Instead you use your bare hands to search around in muddy water for a catfish! Doesn’t that sound exciting! Did I say exciting? I meant terrifying! If you guys didn’t have catfish around when you were young, consider yourself lucky. These dopey looking fish can have a mean bite. Did I mention that you are supposed to make them bite you when your noodle?

Catfish Noodling is actually a fairly popular sport in the South, with many states having competitions for it. The idea behind catfish noodling is that you find a tree in the swamp water, and then reach your hand under the tree beneath the water. There are small crevices where two types of animals are typically found hiding: catfish and snapping turtles. I don’t quite know the percentage of people who find snapping turtle versus finding a catfish, but I would assume it happens fairly often. I really don’t know what would possess someone to try and fish like this, especially for a catfish. If anything the turtle would be a better haul and have better meat, but they are endangered in the U.S. so that might not be the best idea. I don’t know if I will ever try this for myself, but if you have make sure to let me know! I would love to hear from someone who went noodling, for either catfish or snapping turtle. Take it easy everyone, I will see you all next week.

Go Catfish Noodling