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Hi everyone! Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. Today, I wanted to talk to you all about  team sports and children.  I recently enrolled my daughter into a football club after months of her asking me to, and boy do I wish I’d done it sooner.  I bought her some new equipment from and she has been tearing down the field every Wednesday afternoon since, come rain, snow or shine.  There’s many reasons I regret not enrolling her sooner, as sports teams provides so many benefits for both children and adults.

team sports

  1. Teamwork
    Participating in group sports can help build friendships with both the other team members as well as the coaches.  It can also put winning into perspective and encourage team members to recognise and appreciate each other for the effort they put in rather than just their abilities.  There’s also much to be said for working towards the same goal, and having a group alongside you trying to accomplish that goal can be great for camaraderie.
  2. Learning to accept feedback.
    One of the hardest things to learn is the to accept criticism, both constructive and otherwise.  To accept feedback and then improve in sports, you must be teachable, and have to be receptive to working on that feedback.  Sports are played in an informal setting which creates an open environment where feedback can be given and received without any impact on your everyday life.  The feedback that you get in team sports, is likely to be applicable in your work and life off the pitch.
  3. Communicating.
    When playing a team sport you have to be very clear and concise in your communication, especially whilst in the middle of a game.  You also have to be very self aware of your strengths and weaknesses as well as others.  Being able to openly discuss everyone’s strengths and how they play into the team can be invaluable, and help build self confidence as well as team confidence.
  4. Focus.
    Participating in a team sport makes you think as part of a team.  During a match this team spirit alongside how you fit into your team will make sure that you focus on your join in the team and make sure you’re on the ball at all times.  Most team sports have a specific time frame and a deadline when the game is finished.  This forces focus and encourages others to focus as well.
  5. De-stress.
    Any form of exercise can help with stress management.  Focusing on a game and being a part of a larger team can also help relieve stress.  Team sports can also have a lot of conflicts, and learning how to resolve these efficiently will help you in everyday life.

team sports

There’s so many other reasons to participate in team sports that I haven’t been able to touch on here.  Just make sure you enjoy yourself and read this article from a few weeks ago if you need any tips for what to keep in your football bag.

And to any Football fans out there, it seems the Terrible Towel is continuing it’s magic powers.  So excited to see Steelers play in next weeks Conference match.

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Hey guys, Tom here again with a hard hitting(hehe) sports post for you guys. Yes I am talking football. I love football, and if you are a local reading this blog then I know you do to. Whether it be the Steelers or Pitt State, I watched every game at Three Rivers Stadium for 10 years, and have kept that tradition up with Heinz Field. My sons are starting to play now too. The youngest is on the atom team in town and my oldest starts his rookie year for the high school team this year. As someone who played his gridiron career with cheap second hand equipment I wanted to ensure that my kids had it better, so I went shopping with them and we got some bags full of gear now. Of course, some of the stuff isn’t football gear but just something generic to have with you that can be extremely helpful.

Other than all your necessary gear, you want some additional gear to level the playing field against everyone else who already has it. The first part of this is gloves. I recommend Cutters, they stick better than anyone else. Nike also has some good one that let you move your hand roe, but they are not padded. Next of is a visor, preferably a reflective one but a lot of youth leagues won’t allow this as it interferes with doctors looking for a concussion. Nevertheless, having a chrome or amber reflective visor can help you before the snap has started. You also want some basic gear in your bag: some painkillers(ibuprofen), cough candies for before the game, some breath strips can be good too. Make sure to always check this stuff though, as it can go bad. Take it easy everyone, see you all next time.

football equipment bag

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Hi everyone, welcome to my Sports and Fitness blog. My name is Tom, and I have been an athlete ever since I was a young boy, and growing up in Pittsburgh is very accommodating to that. Every day I would swim in the Three Rivers, and as I got older and stronger I eventually made it across. It took a lot of hard training, but I got the results I wanted. That’s why I made this blog, to help people get the results they want from workouts and sports. I am a workout fiend, possibly because I keep trying to find out where James Harrison is working out but also because I like the rush it give me. Other than just working out, I love to play basketball, football, and hockey.

I hope that I can answer any questions you guys have about sports and fitness. If there is any classes you would like me to take and report back to you on, then please leave a comment. If you guys would like to read what I have to say about an event in the sports world, then please leave a comment. Basically if you want to know anything that I haven’t covered, please leave a comment. Bye Bye.