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Man jailed for Rooney break in

A man has been jailed for over 2 years for the attempted break in at Wayne Rooney’s home. Ex military serviceman, Robert Mcnamara was dealt the sentence at Chester Crown court. The attempted break in happened whilst Rooney and his family attended his own testimonial game, with a Manchester Utd eleven facing his original club Everton, in the charity match. Mcnamara, from Scarborough, pleaded guilty to trespassing with intent to steal at the football stars 6m GBP mansion, in rural Cheshire, South West of Manchester.

Rooney’s wife and 3 children were all at the game on the night in question. Rooney’s wife has since stated they have upgraded  security at their home, but also said she has had sleepless nights and no longer feels comfortable at home, unless accompanied.

Security cameras at the stars house clearly showed Mcnamara walking around the mansion grounds, wearing a balaclava and trying to turn a door knob which set off the alarms. Once arrested police searched his house and found a ski mask with black tape over the eye holes and suspected this may of been intended to use as a blindfold.

Mcnamara’s lawyer, Taryn Jones Turner, said her client had served for 7 years in the military and wasn’t finding being back in civilian life as easy as he had expected. She also stated since leaving the military her client had mental health issues and was being assisted with this by British Legion counsellors.

Altogether a pretty disturbing experience for someone like Rooney, with him and his young family constantly in the media spotlight.